Wednesday, March 3, 2010

NASA and Planet X

For the last two weeks while I’m searching for a new article on this blog. I found out about this story rooming around the net which is actually an old story. So I decided to conduct a little research about this so called “PLANET X or PLANET NIBIRU”.
So what is planet X? Where did it come from? Is it true or just a story made by people that need an attention.
Nibiru is a term in the Akkadian language means crossing or point of transition The idea of the Nibiru collision originated with Nancy Lieder. Nancy claims that she was contacted by gray extraterrestrial called Zetas, who planted a communication device in her brain. Nacy say that the arrival of a large planetary object, "Planet X", which would soon pass by Earth and destroy civilization.
Scientific criticism
According to the astronomers that such an object so close to Earth would be easily visible to the naked and would be creating noticeable effects in the orbits of the outer planets. But Some counter this by claiming that the object has been hiding behind the Sun for several years, though such a claim is geometrically impossible. Images of Nibiru near the Sun taken by amateurs are usually of lens flares, false images of the Sun created by reflections within the lens.

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